Children of the Black Skirt


“This work explores incredibly important aspects of Australian history and is rapidly becoming cult viewing for young audiences across Australia…”
Sally Chance, Come Out Festival Director 2004.

Three lost children stumble across an abandoned orphanage in the bush. They become trapped in a timeless world, haunted by spirits from the past. They are tormented, too, by the Black Skirt, a cruel governess who floats up and down the orphanage corridors wielding enormous scissors. But as the stories of these forgotten children are told— from pick pocketing incidents in the eighteenth century to the tragedies of the Stolen Generations in the twentieth— their spirits are released, one by one.

Cast: 3 (F)

Published by Currency Press


Hoods is the second effort from this formidable duo to look at our world through the eyes of children, and the revelations are startling…‘Hoods’ is a vivid and well-crafted experience that leaves you deep in thought and wanting more.”
Alison Joyce, Scene Magazine

Synopsis: Two Hoods ride the train each night to a wrecking yard on the outskirts of the city. Here, in this cemetery of stories, they are storytellers with the power to fast forward, pause and rewind. Tonight, they tell the story of three kids left in a car.

It’s Friday, KFC night and the last day of school before Christmas. Kyle, Jessie and baby brother Troy are waiting in the car for their Mum. Kyle broods in the front seat with visions of X box dancing in his head while Jessie begs him for a game of eye spy. As night closes in, the shopping centre shuts down, their Mum still hasn’t come back and the baby just won’t stop crying.

Cast: 2 (1 M + 1 F) or ensemble

Published by Currency Press

War Crimes


Angela Betzien’s work is phenomenal. Her ear for dialogue and the way her young characters blast audiences from their comfort zones make her plays rich, dark and disturbing.” Katherine Lyle Watson, Performing Arts Blog.

What do you do when your country is at war, your town is at war, your friends are at war and there’s a war inside your head? You run.

One morning Jade wakes bruised and bleeding on the beach. She thinks she’s alone, that no one will know, but someone was watching from the cave above the cliffs.

Set in a forgotten coastal town, War Crimes tells the gripping story of six teenage girls who have fallen through the gaping cracks of society, fighting to earn their respect and leave their mark by whatever means possible; lest we forget.
Cast: 5 (F)

Published by Currency Press

Where in the World is Frank Sparrow

Frank Sparrow is found in a field early one morning on the outskirts of Stab City. He grows up to become an unlikely hero who doesn’t fit in the world. A series of unfortunate events cause Frank’s life to spiral dangerously out of control.

An allegorical piece about young people growing up in a dark world, Frank Sparrow is a darkly poetic and beautiful new play.

Cast: 5 minimum (mixed ensemble)

Published by PlayLab

The Girl that Cried Wolf IMG_3688

Meet Laura – habitual fibber and high school geek. Then there’s Catriona – the popular princess, upset because her jet-setting parents are going to miss her 13th birthday.

Seeing an opportunity to score popularity points, Laura convinces Catriona to lure Mummy and Daddy back from OS. But as soon as their diabolical plan is set in motion an unfortunate series of events begins to unfold in a way that neither of the girls could have ever imagined.

The Girl that Cried Wolf is a high tech, witty and sharp-tongued satire on the politics of the playground.

Published by Playlab

The Dark RoomIMG_3656

“One of the most gripping nights spent in a theatre this, or any, year. The Dark Room is uncommonly well written and structured in the most ambitiously difficult way…” Dianna Simmonds, Stage Noise.

Synopsis: A lonely motel somewhere. Deep in the night, six lost souls play out a small, distant tragedy of lovesickness and social breakdown – only it’s not the same night. The Dark Room is a beautifully formed thriller about the startling idea that, no matter how far apart we are in distance and time, we are all responsible for each other.

Cast: 6 (3 F + 3 M)

Tall ManLeticia-Caceres-angela-betzien-Real-TV-Tall-Man-027-705x470

“The play made us cringe and laugh, it challenged a room to acknowledge it’s story.” Resident, Mt Morgan.

Wayne lives alone, under the radar in the hills of an old gold mining town. When Wayne’s estranged daughter Billie turns up desperate for help, he’s forced to unearth a past and a promise he buried years ago.

This gripping fifty-minute play is a bleak yet beautiful evocation of our complex relationship to land, history, wealth and our most precious resource, family.

Tall Man was originally commissioned by Creative Regions as part of a larger work, Tales of the Underground which toured central Queensland in June, 2012.

Cast: 2 (1M/1F)


Helicopter is a provocative examination of contemporary life in suburban Australia. The play traces the impact of one random tragedy on the lives of two different Australian families. A ripped from the headlines drama, this play gives dramatic life to universal questions of parenting, spirituality, responsibility and reconciliation.

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