War Crimes


What do you do when your country is at war, your town is at war, your friends are at war and there’s a war inside your head? You run.

One morning Jade wakes bruised and bleeding on the beach. She thinks she’s alone, that no one will know, but someone was watching from the cave above the cliffs.

Set in a forgotten coastal town, War Crimes tells the gripping story of six teenage girls who have fallen through the gaping cracks of society, fighting to earn their respect and leave their mark by whatever means possible; lest we forget.

Cast: 5 (F)



War Crimes – Trailer from Leticia Caceres on Vimeo.


Published by Currency Press


Teachers resources

Articles and reviews

Interview http://rehearsalrealtv.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/interview-angela-betzien.html


Kit Denton Disfellowship 2012 http://if.com.au/2012/08/29/article/GESFLZOHMK.html

Queensland Literary Awards 2012 http://www.qldliteraryawards.org.au/winners/2012-winners




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