THE HANGING – Sydney Theatre Company, 2016

“This riveting psychological thriller draws on so many major social and individual anxieties that its taut 90 minutes seem barely able to contain them” The Australian

“Betzien’s gorgeous script in the hands of director Sarah Goodes is a gripping and mesmerizing  thriller.”  Time Out 

 MORTIDO – Belvoir/State Theatre Company of South Australia, 2015

“A potent, edgy and electrifying theatrical experience” Australian Stage Online

the best piece of kick-in-the-guts theatre to have graced an Adelaide stage in a very long time…The ClothesLine

HELICOPTER – Melbourne Theatre Company, 2012

 “Helicopter is notable for its refusal to let us off the hook. It’s a world that’s chillingly recognizable, seen through a glass darkly.” Theatre Notes.

“Helicopter is a masterful, original and rich text performed by a terrific cast.” Australian Stage Online.

THE DARK ROOM – Belvoir, 2011

“It is a passionate plea for understanding of those damaged people who behave very badly because they desperately need tenderness in their lives. It has lessons for us all, including politicians and policymakers: we need to support people well before things come to a crisis. The Australian.

“One of the most gripping nights spent in a theatre this, or any, year. The Dark Room is uncommonly well written and structured in the most ambitiously difficult way. The Dark Room is uncommonly well written and structured in the most ambitiously difficult way. Not to be missed.” Stage Noise.

TALL MAN – La Mama, 2014

“It’s a corker and you should rush to see it.” The Age

“The nuance and permeability of its story is cutting, while the performances of the actors need to be seen to be believed. Drop everything. See Tall Man.” Ferrago

 HOODS – Sydney Opera House and National schools tour 2006-2007

 “Hoods is the second effort from this formidable duo to look at our world through the eyes of children, and the revelations are startling…” Scene Magazine.

 “Writer Angela Betzien is unafraid to challenge young audiences with rich, highly wrought language and potentially confronting situations.” The Australian.

 THE ORPHANAGE PROJECT – Queensland Theatre Company, 2003

“Betzien’s script is a model for theatrical writing”. The Australian.

“There is some quite remarkable theatre locked up within these micro-narratives. Betzien’s script often crackles with understated tension and barely concealed violence…” The Courier Mail.